Overton Recreation Centre


The Overton Recreation Centre.

Since 1965, the ORC has managed and developed a wide range of sport and recreational facilities for Overton.

Overtonians have a unique involvement with and responsibility for, their own leisure options, independent of Borough and Parish Council.

The result is: over 30 acres of green open spaces and excellent facilities for everyone to enjoy.
Support this unique organisation by joining ORC today and be part of the monthly with over £2000 in prize money.

What is the Overton Recreation Centre (ORC) ?

Formed as a registered charity in 1965 from a group of visionary local residents, to provide for the sport and recreational needs of Overton and the surrounding area.

Income from memberships is the main source of of revenue for the ORC to support 3 sites and over 30 acres of green space, playinf fields and 3 halls.

It is a Charity by Trust Deed which is its document of governance.

The Charity manages the following grounds and buildings:
 The Ken Hogan sports pavilion: 1965 and 2003
ORC leased this ground from De la Rue (then Portals and Laverstoke Estates). It was the original Overton football ground. Berrydown, the whole Berrydown site will shortly have a 50 year lease until c2060 from B&DBC
The Pavilion is the ORC HQ and may be booked via our Administrator.

Bridge Street (Church Road): 1960`s
Land leased from Portals and Laverstoke Estates, now De la Rue and developed from a water meadow. ORC has a lease until 2048.
The ORC hall may be booked via our Administrator.

Town Meadow: 1972
Land acquired in 1972 from Colonel Hoare, a local benefactor, as part of providing support for Overton Scout and Guide groups. This land is now leased from B&DBC until 2018.
A building for Scouts and Guides and the Golf Section.

Overton Junior School: 1993
ORC began its association with Overton Junior School and has a mutually agreed arrangement on the use and maintenance of the School grounds.

ORC Structure and Management Contacts

What is the Overton Recreation Centre(ORC)?

It is a registered charity by Trust Deed which is its document of governance, formed in 1965 to provide for the sport and recreational needs of Overton and the surrounding area.
Registered Charity Number: 301912
Address: The Pavilion, Bridge Street. Overton. Hampshire. RG25 3HD

The Charity is managed by:
- Three Trustees:
- A Management Committee representing the clubs.
- It holds an Annual Meeting in April each year.

It employs:
- Full and Part Time Grounds Staff.
- Cleaning Staff.

It receives income through:
- Two membership schemes.
- Levies paid by clubs.
- The hire of its facilities.

The Management Committee
Property Trustees
Dennis Rowles       Ian Nunn        Peter Baker   

Elected Voluntary Members:
Chairman:    Steve Williams                                                             Vice Chairman:    Colin Phillimore
Treasurer:    Vacant                                                                            Secretary:     Lindsay Ferguson
Membership Secretary: Emma Scoggins                                    Vice Secretary: Sue Hunter 

Comittee Members:
Brian Dennison                            Mary Reid
Graham Devereux                       Carole Woodcock
Karen Fletcher                             Brian Shadwell
Michele le Warne                        Mark Dennison
Angelo Cambianica

Co-opted Members:
Denise Williams (Administrator)                             Address:
Home: 01256 770434                                          77 Overton Hill, Overton. Hampshire
Mobile: 07787530677                                              
Email:  [email protected]

Kevin Ratcliffe

Contact Details:
Emma Scoggins                                  Membership Secretary
01256 770455
Membership Enquiries                              [email protected]